We are The Advantage Team -- Serving the Omaha, Papillion and Bellevue Nebraska area -- Don't make a move without us.

Running the risk of sounding cliché...we have good reason for telling you not to make a move without us. We have been involved in buying and selling real estate for over 25 years. Our experience has taught us much about the real estate industry, but most importantly, it has taught us something more valuable about ourselves and how we regard other first-time/last-time home-buyers and their American dreams.

Back when we bought our first home the American dream was still fresh in our minds - we were of course 25 years younger about to make a financial deal with an industry that was only geared towards making money, not towards making anyone's, including our American dreams come true.

Just before starting our own real estate business, my husband and I promised each other to never forget that we were once first time homebuyers ourselves and that we would always make a conscious effort to never just try to sell somebody a house, but rather do our very best to help others purchase a home.

We have remained true to that promise all these years - pointing individuals, couples and families towards homes that were well within their budget, homes they were attracted to, and homes that suited their needs...not ours.

Brad and I invite you to come meet with us.

Telephone conversations are fine in a pinch but nothing beats person-to-person contact. We would like you to get a better feel for us as the genuine people we really are. Before you leave, you will be convinced that our driving motivation for remaining in the real estate business is seeing the expression on people's faces when we show them their new home.

There are many beautiful homes for sale within the Omaha, Papillion and Bellevue Nebraska area...both old and new...each possessing their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home please give us the opportunity to help.